This is a representational look at my offerings

Back in the early 90's I was selling at local art shows (I have been selling at shows since 1984) and I had German Silver slides to go with my dichroic glass pendants.  I needed more slides and my supplier convinced me to try some bracelets as well.  I sold many, and one day I was looking at one of them and thought that it would be good if it had a plate to attach to a cabochon.  Well, I sought out a manufacturer, took my designs to them and was on my way.  Fast forward to the present, the bracelets led to additional designs for pendants, rings and other things.  This is what you are seeing now and more designs are always in the works.

Most of these items are German Silver.  The easiest way to explain is that German Silver is an alloy that does have nickel in it and it then it is silver plated.  Since there is some nickel in it, they will not tarnish.

And, if German Silver is good enough for the front grill of a Rolls Royce, it's good enough for our necks and wrists!

I also offer items for beaders and fusers to compliment their products.